Monday, August 30, 2010


Susan Douglas, the British producer of the upcoming feature documentary What About ME?, told CFS Central that the filmmakers are seeking one- to two-minute clips from ME/CFS patients—“not prettied up, but as they are.”  Douglas wants to form a video community of patients to garner sources for the film and to get patients communicating with each other.

Annette Whittemore co-founded the Whittemore Peterson Institute and funded research into the retrovirus XMRV to help her daughter Andrea, who has lived with ME/CFS for 20 years.  Douglas’s film chronicles their story.  “It’s the story of what love can do,” explains Douglas, “woven through the world of suffering with ME/CFS.”

XMRV is the spine of the film.  The documentary will also examine the attitudes of governments, the medical profession and sufferers in Great Britain and the U.S.   “As it is a documentary, there will be elements of the story still unknown to us, as they unfold in front of our eyes, but I do promise you a very human drama, that is based on total truth, and an eye opener for the planet,” Douglas says.
Directed by British filmmaker Geoffrey Smith, best known for his award-winning documentary The English Surgeon, the film will be released in 2011.  A DVD is also planned, as are sales to television and cable channels, as well as online virals.  For more information on submitting clips and donating to the film, click here.  To read an earlier CFS Central article on What About ME?, click here.


  1. This is a wonderful story to tell. What Annette Whittemore has accomplished with this awful disease is truly amazing. To my eyes, it already seems a miracle. She has created an organization which has done in three short years what the U.S. government did not do in 25 years, and in doing so, she has given sufferers such as me hope for the first time. I am so grateful to her, and to everyone at the Whittemore Peterson Institute. And now, I am also grateful to Susan Douglas and everyone who is working on "What About ME?"

    I hope everyone who can will contribute their help to Susan as she forms this video community of patients.

    Patricia Carter

  2. Thanks to Susan and everyone who is involved in the film. The truth of ME has been hidden for too long, hidden by the "experts", who think that they can cover up this hideous illness. Its sickening how money and insurances can stop people from being given benefits which is rightfully theirs through illness.

    I will be adding a short video on the forum as soon as I am able.

    I'm sure the film will be explosive, and cant wait.

  3. Andrea and her parents are terrific. It should be a great documentary.

  4. Hurry up and make the film already!

  5. This is the second best news I've heard about our illness following the discovery of XMRV. Finally we have gotten the attention necessary to carry this through, prayerfully finding a cause and cure. We cannot blame all physicians for their lack of knowledge when it comes to treating ME/CFS. It's been a guessing game for all too long. My Internist would have been very pleased to give me much improved health. I can see a caring soul when I meet one and he is one of them. Godspeed to all involved in this endeavor. "Explosive" is a very accurate description of how it needs to be portrayed.


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