Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I’m working on a piece about Monday’s Retrovirology papers that postulated that XMRV was merely lab contamination from mouse DNA rather than an authentic, new human retrovirus.  Please bear with me.


  1. Cheers for keeping us posted Mindy.

    hug@ya fly

  2. Thank you for letting us know Mindy! Was beginning to wonder about your unusual silence.

  3. We missed you Mindy, welcome back!

  4. Thank you Mindy!
    Merry Christmas from Vienna!

  5. Very glad to hear! Thanks in advance Mindy.

  6. Can't wait to hear your take on things! Thanks for your hard work.

  7. Save some energy for the Jan 17 presentation in Santa Barbara where Dr M will "spill the beans" about how some physicians have been treating CFS patients with ARVs and how that's going. Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones has joined her in that project. I'd love to read your interview with those two!

    Those "contamination" papers have been written in invisible ink. They'll disappear in a month or two.

    Take care of yourself this holiday season, Mindy. We appreciate you!

  8. Judy's talk on Jan. 17 is in Santa Rosa not Santa Barbara.

    Best to you Mindy for the New Year and glad you're on the case, still.


  9. Welcome back, Mindy!

    Your long absence left us so very worried about you.

    We hope you are well and look forward to your incisive take on this week's pathetic Retrovirology debacle.

    Thank you for being one of the brightest lights in the ME/CFS firmament this year. Happy new year to us all.

  10. I'm sending Dr. Racaniello's new statement "XMRV and CFS - It's not the end" to my political reps so they get his true take on the contamination papers.
    What I can't figure out is, is it normal for a journal to put out four papers like that on the same day?
    Maybe some companies or governments are feeling threatened.

  11. All the best for the xmas and the new year from the UK.

    I have a feeling only one or two battles left before we wil the war.

  12. Your articles are always so in-depth and thoughtful... I look forward to reading it, and am sure it will be a valuable contribution! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


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