Friday, April 1, 2011


If you have ME/CFS and your significant other or child also has ME/CFS, please contact CFS Central:


  1. I recognize this is just tangentially related to what you are asking, but ...
    "In our study, we not only identified an increased risk for prostate cancer and melanoma among individuals with Parkinson's disease and their relatives, but also established a reciprocal risk for Parkinson's disease among individuals with these two cancers and their relatives," co-author Dr. Stefan-M Pulst, professor and chair of the department of neurology, explained in a university news release."

    This study was done at University of Utah. If they check with Dr. Singh in another department, they can see if their prostate cancer involves XMRV.

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  2. Duh!

    You're actually asking -"Are virus, retrovirus and bacterial infections infectious?"

    Has the "debate" come down below Dumb and Dumber seriously?

  3. Infectious and contagious are not the same thing. Malaria, for instance, is infectious--from an infected mosquito--but is not contagious from person to person.

  4. Infectious: I know I screwed up, but will you take me back?

    Contagious: You had me at Incline Village....You had me at Incline Village.

  5. Erik Johnson, Incline survivorApril 11, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Whatever it was, there were times when it acted very contagious, flashing swiftly through groups of people, and then it seemed to revert to being absolutely impossible to transmit!

  6. Just down the hill from Incline Village~

    If you are ONLY asking about ME/CFS, after working in a hospital for 17 years, I was in a close quarters group of 70 people for 2 weeks and during the first week 1/3 of us got very sick and many had HIGH fevers.. That was my Triggering Event. I call that Contagious in 1987.

    I am more interested if XMRV is contagious, as
    I have heard a few rumblings that it might be... I have also heard that it can be linked to Lymphoma and miscarriages. My mom had 5 miscarriages B4 me and she died of I have XMRV and ME/CFS
    and had EBV long ago and now also OI/POTS.
    I was not breast fed as I was told they had to give me goat's milk.

    I don't know yet what else I might have as
    I have not been able to afford all of the tests that Mary S. has had because I do not have any medical insurance. I do know my CD4/CD8 is opposite that of HIV patients... and my thyroid and adrenals are not functional any more.


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