Friday, February 1, 2013


Advocate Bob Miller has been on a hunger strike to try to convince FDA to approve the experimental drug Ampligen for ME.  He and fellow patient Dr. Janet Smith got a terrific piece of local news coverage in Reno, Nevada. FDA is scheduled to make a decision on Ampligen's fate by tomorrow.  Given that the FDA committee voted no to Ampligen on December 20, odds are slim that the FDA will overturn its committee's decision, but it ain't over until it's over.

Bob Miller posted this on Facebook today:
"Patients who are able can call NBC News at 212-664-4444 and comment on the story [above]. Be sure to tell the person who answers why you are calling, they will put you through to a comment line where you can request for them to please cover this important news story nationally, be sure to tell them where you are calling from."


  1. God bless you Bob!So sad to see this. What happen to our great country?

  2. Thanks for covering this, Mindy.

    Cort Johnson wrote this on his site:

    "Please support these efforts by telling NBC we want this story to get blasted across the country. Please recommend/share/tweet the NBC FDA Ampligen story on its national site to get it more coverage. And please call NBC directly and let them know this is an important story they don’t want to miss."

    Hit this link:

    and the page for the local Reno NBC story comes up with buttons at the top to recommend/tweet/g+/share it.


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