Thursday, October 31, 2013

CFSAC Nomination:
Jeannette Burmeister

Wouldn't it be great to have patient advocate Jeannette Burmeister on the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee?  On her blog, she's been a fierce advocate and takes no prisoners when it comes to the government's mishandling of ME.  She's been nominated already by patient advocates John Herd and Eileen Holderman. Holderman fought the good fight on CFSAC; her tenure expires in the spring. 

Now patients could certainly use another strong patient advocate.  If you'd like to shower Burmeister with the support she's earned, email and tell the agency.


  1. Thanks for this Mindy. I have written in to support Jeannette's nomination. I'm also thinking that it would be good for us to write in to support experts that have been nominated for the 5 empty spots. I believe there is only 1 expert now in the 6 remaining members for 2014. Does anyone have the list of who has been nominated? Or know how to get it? I'm not as sure of the value of writing against nominations of non-experts.

  2. Please write by November 2, the date CFSAC apparently wants to receive all endorsements of nominations. I think Jeannette would be a terrific addition to the CFSAC! A brief email, such as "I endorse the nomination of Jeannette Burmeister because I believe Jeannette understands the science and politics surrounding M.E. and would represent my interests." would do fine.


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