Monday, June 13, 2011


The culture medium for the vaccines that many of us have received over the years includes cells from animals. It’s possible that these cells have harbored animal viruses or retroviruses, which subsequently piggybacked their way, via the vaccines, into humans.  Here are some of those vaccines:
Polio vaccine:  Monkey kidney tissue
Polio vaccine:  Mouse brain
Japanese encephalitis vaccine: Mouse brain
Rabies vaccine:  Rhesus fetal lung tissue
Rotovirus vaccine: Monkey kidney tissue
Vaccinia (smallpox) vaccine: Monkey kidney cell
Yellow fever vaccine; flu vaccine; rabies vaccine:  chicken embryo


  1. This makes me feel a little sick! Thanks to many years of working in places like Timor, Rwanda and Congo I've had more than my fair share of vaccines!

  2. Please all read Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto. I wish I had prior to the loss of my health and life as I know it. Also Dr. Marys Monkey is beyond chilling.


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