Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm going to the FDA tomorrow and Friday.  If Internet connections and my Kindle cooperate, I'll try to post on Twitter in real or semi-real time.  If not, I'll post when I return.


  1. thank you from the bottom of my virally little heart! I was getting so darn tired - listening to the fda while in bed...but am so glad I waited til the end to hear you tell it like it is!! I cheered...and so did others on facebook who were listening. as I said - I may no longer have a voice but YOU do - today you were MY voice! AND my husbands voice (ill with severe ME) AND my nieces voice (also ill w/severe ME!) (btw, I wrote a comment though I don't see it yet - and I said the same thing - they are studying the WRONG disease unless they use CCC and/or ICC!!!)...jackie

  2. I heard your wonderful comments at the FDA via the webcast. Very well constructed, thought provoking and extremely powerful. Thank you from an M.E. patient in UK.

  3. Mindy,

    Thanks for your testimony.


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