Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ampligen Up for Approval--
in Argentina

Hemispherx, the company that makes the experimental ME drug Ampligen, applied for approval in Argentina in July of 2012.  ANMAT (Administracion Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnologia Medica), Argentina’s version of the FDA, generally renders decisions in one year. The company already received approval for a form of interferon called Alferon in Latin American countries (it's approved in the U.S. for genital warts). And ANMAT broadened Alferon's approval this year to include other diseases, including hepatitis C.

Hemispherx's stock price, which had plummeted from $1.10 to 18 cents a share following FDA's refusal to approve the drug for ME at the close of 2012, recently has been edging up, hitting a high of 29 cents today.


  1. Up to $0.29 per share? Hooray for the company that makes its human guinea pigs here in the U.S. pay to serve as test subjects in its current CFS clinical trial.

    You have to admire the company's very well paid execs for its cost cutting measures. By the stock and maybe you too can afford to be their lab rat.

  2. Those execs get paid a lot less that those at companies that devolop drugs for hay fever and erectile disfunction.

    I guess the FDA was successful in its attempt to make it look like Hemispherx is at fault, instead of the FDA, which claimed some of the symptoms of mecfs were "side affects" of the drug and went against its own stated policy of fast tracking drugs for illnesses that have no other treatment.

    Let's hope Argentina approves Ampligen by July of this year. And that it will be affordable there. My Spanish is adequate and my passport is up to date.

  3. I contacted Anmat but the person answering does not know about experimental drugs to be aproved. Do you have any leads that I can follow up for updates here in Argentina? Thanks, best


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