Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Joe Landson emailed CFS Central three macaque cartoons that he's sent to government officials, as part of the “Time for Action” campaign.  On October 4, patients Rivka Solomon, Charlotte von Salis and Robert Miller launched the campaign to get the government's attention concerning ME/CFS.

"Should the CDC ever be inundated by banana peels, I categorically disavow all knowledge," Landson wrote to CFS Central.  Last week, Landson posted this comment on this blog:
"Right, so I've started faxing cartoons, annotated with the suggested messages, to Dirs. Collins and Fauci. Every day, it's another observation about ME/CFS, told by a rhesus macaque I draw myself. (All else is computerized.) Why the macaque? Because macaques have arguably done more to advance CFS research than senior NIH officials have."  Landson is referring to the study done by researchers at Emory University’s primate lab who injected XMRV into macaques and reported that even when the retrovirus was undetectable in the blood, it thrived in the reproductive organs as well as the spleen, gut, bladder, lung, liver and lymph nodes. 
Macaque 1, Macaque 2, Macaque 3.


  1. What a clever bunch we are!

    Has anyone seen my bananas? I forgot where I put them.

  2. Excellent campaign...I love it!

  3. I'm an instant fan. Of the macaque ofcourse. He is one wise monkey, can't wait for what more he will be teaching us.

  4. Great. I think we should put something like, "I gave my life for XMRV research so please consider giving some time out of yours. You will find the reward well worth the "sacrifice"!"

  5. folks, keep up the campaign! it is having an impact!


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