Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Monkeys

Here are patient advocate Joe Landson's messages delivered by nine anthropomorphic macaques.  Landson sends these emails to government officials every day as part of the “Time for Action” campaign.  On October 4, patients Rivka Solomon, Charlotte von Salis and Robert Miller launched the campaign to get the government's attention concerning ME/CFS.

Landson chose the macaque because researchers at Emory University’s primate lab who injected XMRV into macaques reported that even when the retrovirus was undetectable in the blood, it thrived in the reproductive organs as well as the spleen, gut, bladder, lung, liver and lymph nodes.


  1. Should the NIH slack off again, or someone try to suppress Lipkin's future findings like they tried to suppress Alter's, the macaques stand in readiness.

  2. LOVE this!! Mr. Landson, you are a genius!


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